Russiagate: Why Rosenstein’s Devastated the Obama Administration

Russiagate: Why Rosenstein's Devastated the Obama Administration

( – Senate Republicans are determined to get to the bottom of Russiagate. The first step to getting there was Rod Rosenstein’s appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee. His testimony was devastating to the Mueller investigation, the FBI, the Justice Department, and the Obama administration.

Rosenstein Comes Clean

In just one day, Rosenstein destroyed more than three years of media narratives about the collusion hoax. It’s clear now why the Democrats have been trying so hard to stop all future hearings on the subject. They can’t do it, of course, but that’s not stopping them from whining about it.

While testifying under oath, Rosenstein pointed out several fundamental problems with the whole collusion narrative. When Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham questioned him about the Mueller investigation, Rosenstein admitted that when he appointed Mueller as the Special Counsel in 2017, there was no basis for it. But even worse than that, the FBI knew it at the time.

Rosenstein says now that the reason he appointed Mueller in the first place was that the FBI hid essential facts from him. Nevermind that the FBI vehemently denies this.

Is There More to Learn?

It looks like this is just a preview of the fight that lies ahead over who is at fault for the Russia investigations going horribly wrong. So who is going to take the fall for these failures? The FBI? The Justice Department? The intel agencies? Or does this go all the way to the Obama White House?

His testimony last week shows that Rosenstein paid little attention to what was going on under his supervision. He let the investigations run wild, virtually unchecked.

So why was Rosenstein’s testimony so devastating? Well, he made several stunning admissions:

  • He never should’ve signed the FISA application that led to spying on Carter Page.
  • There was no basis for the Mueller probe.
  • He made no effort to rein in the out-of-control witch hunt.
  • The blame lies with the FBI’s lack of candor.

This is just the beginning of the blame game. Watch for Rosenstein to point the finger at the State Department, the CIA, and even the Obama White House in the coming weeks.

If the worst of the allegations turn out to be accurate, they will prove that this was one of the biggest scandals in the history of American politics. The Obama administration should be very worried right about now.

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