A Look at the Politics of Joe Biden

A Look at the Politics of Joe Biden

(DailyHorn.com) – It’s a well-known fact that the presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden, is a gaffe machine. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find a politician who puts his foot in his mouth more than old Joe.

Whether he’s telling Black Americans that the Republicans would put them back in chains or asking a man in a wheelchair to stand up, his blunders are nothing short of cringe-worthy.

Creepy Joe

Biden has also earned the nickname “Creepy Joe,” because he has a hard time keeping his hands to himself.

In recent months he has faced heightened scrutiny over his conduct towards women. Eight different women have accused Biden of either touching them inappropriately or violating their personal space. The women all agreed that the former vice president made them feel uncomfortable.

He’s also been criticized for continually commenting on the physical appearance of women and young girls around him while he’s on the campaign trail. What makes his creepiness even worse is that he refuses to apologize for his behavior. “I’m not sorry for anything I’ve ever done,” said Biden.

Sexual Assault

But the complaints about Biden don’t just end with him being too touchy-feely. He’s been accused of assaulting a woman as well.

In March, a former Senate aid to Biden, Tara Reade, said that he sexually assaulted her in 1993 while she worked for his office. Following her accusations, journalists were able to dig up an old tape, which shows Reade’s mother calling into an old Larry King Live episode where she discussed her daughter’s issues with a “prominent senator.”


On top of his troubles with women, Biden also has some radical ideas about governing.

On the subject of immigration, he is basically for an open country. Joe doesn’t believe in building a wall to secure our southern border. He has said that it is his mission to undo all of the work that President Trump has done on illegal immigration.

Biden is weak on the Second Amendment too. According to his website, he plans to:

  • Ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines
  • Regulate the possession of existing assault weapons
  • Restrict the number of guns an individual may buy to just one per month

On top of all of that, Biden supports abortion on demand, and he plans to overhaul the US economy to deal with climate change.

Given all of these things, it’s hard to imagine how any sane American could vote for this man.

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